Testosterone Suspensions in modern bodybuilding

The composition of this suspension includes pure hormone and water, without the addition of any substances or esters. The oldest steroid has a particularly powerful anabolic and androgenic effect and is a popular drug among representatives of iron sports. This form of testosterone is characterized by rapid action and allows you to increase muscle volume in a short time.

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Application efficiency

A suspension of testosterone in liquid form is taken not only by bodybuilders and powerlifters, the drug is also relevant among athletes, swimmers, martial artists. Athletes note that the drug begins to act within a day after the first injection. Reception of an active hormone promotes:

  • a significant increase in strength during training — two to three times due to the strong androgenic effect;
  • burning subcutaneous fat accumulations;
  • accelerated growth of high-quality lean muscle mass — up to 10 kg per course;
  • the appearance of clear muscle contours and venous tracing;
  • increased endurance by increasing the level of red blood cells in the blood, which activate the transport of blood to the muscles;
  • increased libido;
  • normalization of the hormonal background — a well-designed course of taking testosterone will quickly restore the independent natural production of male hormone by the body.


Features of admission and dosage

The recommended dose of testosterone suspension is 50-100 mg per day. Since the period of high activity of a substance in the body is one to two days, the drug should be administered every day or every other day, depending on the individual tolerance of the anabolic and athletic experience. It is advisable to carry out injections one to two hours before the start of the workout, on rest days in the morning. On our domain, you can also purchase USA Testosterone Propionate dealer for your purposes.

The duration of the course is one and a half to two months, no more, otherwise the drug will begin to have high toxicity to the liver. To reduce pain during injections, the hormone must be administered alternately in different muscles, as well as the use of pain medications — Lidocaine or Novocaine, for example.

To achieve maximum results, experienced  athletes combine a steroid with other anabolics. So, to accelerate muscle growth in the course of taking a suspension of testosterone, you can add Boldenone or Nandrolone.

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It should be understood that the drug has high androgenic activity and strong aromatization, which means its uncontrolled intake can cause an unpleasant “side effect”: swelling, oily skin, acne, and hair loss on the head. To exclude undesirable reactions from the body, one should not forget about passing post-cycle therapy. Experts recommend that men from the very beginning of the course take antiestrogens to prevent the appearance of gynecomastia. But for women, this drug is strictly contraindicated because of the risk of severe virilization, in the event of which even PCT will be useless.

Testosterone Suspension Reviews

Most athletes note that moderate administration of the drug literally in front of our eyes allows us to build muscle, get rid of excess fat accumulations and provide muscles with a stiff relief. Bodybuilders often use a suspension before competitions — a high concentration of the hormone in the blood lasts only for two days, which means that with the proper use of the drug, doping control will not detect it.




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